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Founded in 2000, Panrex is a young brand of 19 years in pneumatics apparatus industry. We boast nothing in our development, although we fully concentrate our energy on our limited resources to be pioneering in technology or create higher values beyond than price. In the past 19 years, we at Panrex have been focusing on R&D of pneumatics apparatuses. Among various apparatuses, we aim at pneumatic nail gun.

We fully believe in what Prof. Theodore Levitt said: “the long-term success lies in continuous focus on accurate things and making improvements every day in minor things.” Placing limited resources in one product—we feel extremely excited on the convenience and safety to consumers by our technologies.

Unlike large enterprises with great amount of funds on development, Panrex places emphasis on development on diminutive parts and strengthening life cycle of products. We are aware that customers may not pay attention to our hard work on diminutive parts simply from appearance of products. Yet, we are sure that once consumers have our product in their hands, they can experience our sincerity. Panrex believe when we focus on things we are doing best and we can create the unlimited with the limit resources and that craftsmanship will be present on our products.

Story of Panrex

Future development and goals of Panrex

  • focus
  • getting close to customers’ need
  • innovation
  • globalization

People say one shall not ignore important of a nail. It is hard to imagine what significance the tool that makes this nail brings. At Panrex, we emphasize the injection depth of each nail and users’ safety, as we are fully aware users may get hurt if the safety is not 100% perfect. Our nail guns are designed based on light weight and safety. Each nail gun has been tested on density and hardness by our R&D. Product testers make final inspection on product lifespan and environment test after assembly of each nail gun. Nail guns will not be delivered to consumers or OEM customers until all tests are completed.

In his study and analysis of over 2,700 global invisible champion companies in 30 years, German management maestro, Hermann Simon, saw stable annual growth and stable market shares of these hidden champion companies. We might not be a famous company but we expect to be a local hidden champion company in Taichung, Taiwan to aim at global markets.